Ways to Add Opulence to Your Home Décor on Diwali

The festive season is here! With Diwali being one of the most celebrated festivals, it’s obvious to get your surroundings all prepped up. Everyone is going head over heels with gifting ideas for their loved ones. But little do we think about our own living space. This Diwali, treat your home with the same love and affection by gifting it the luxury it deserves. Here is an exquisite bespoke range you can gift your home this Diwali.

Food has always been one of the key sources of excitement in festivals. Be it sweets or savouries, you would like to put it all in the best way possible, in front of your guests. Exhibit luxury on the table with this exquisite food-platter range by Izhaar. From groceries to dry fruits, plate them in opulence.

 Yet again, you can add luxury to your décor by adding a functional beauty to it. Consider going for organizers and holders to stack your things. Go beyond the basics and dive right into the luxury of a bespoke range to make it all better.

 What’s a home without memories? Every home tells beautiful stories of memories shared within those four walls and outside. Frame these beautiful moments and adorn the walls with them. Use unique and unconventional frame pieces to make them even more special and alluring. Explore an impeccable range of picture frames from Izhaar at www.izhaar.co.in.

Make your tea-time with your guests extravagant and enriching. This vibrant tea-set is what you need for an amazing time with your favourites. Diwali or any other festival sees a lot of guests showing up at your house. Add the richness of taste and design to those little meetings with an exquisite tea-set like this.

Diwali is certainly incomplete without Lord Rama and Lord Ganesha. You cannot do your décor without having them associated with it. Bless your home with the bliss of holy idols of deities. The idols you choose should be skilfully made so that they would fascinate you and your guests. The meticulous detailing is another eye-catching element of these idols. Pick something so fine that you can clearly figure out the minute expressions on each face.

These exquisite décor pieces can accentuate your living space for Diwali while also proving to be great picks for Diwali gifts for your peers.

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