Top 4 Karvachauth Gifting Ideas

Karvachauth is certainly one of the most famous festivals associated with married women in India. It’s celebrated with utmost dedication and frolic. Married women across India fast for the safety and longevity of their husbands.

The true origin of Karvachauth remains unknown. However, there have been speculations that during the Vedic age, when men would go out for wars, their wives would fast for their safety until they returned back home. This has been later termed and celebrated as Karvachauth.

However, it’s majorly a women’s festivity, men also take part by presenting various gifts to their wives as a form of gratitude. Here are a few gift ideas you can consider to gift your wife for the immense dedication and love she puts into the day for your long life.

1. Jewellery Box

Your wife is nothing less than a jewel for you. Isn’t it? As she puts herself into praying for your long life, you might as well think of her likes. Women love jewellery but they often forget to buy pretty organizers for them. Be her saviour by getting her an exquisite jewellery box to help her keep her priceless pieces safely organized.

2. Dry Fruits

It’s no surprise how synonymous dry fruits are with Karvachauth. ‘Sargi’ is an important part of the festival and dry fruits are a must-have in every Sargi. Giving your wife a beautiful dry fruit platter makes a beautiful gift for the day. Don’t go for a basic dry fruit hamper, go for something fancy. Consider trying bespoke gifting for that matter, picking and deciding sweets and savouries as per your wife’s choice.

3. All Things Pretty

You can also make it a little conventional by giving her the usual. A bouquet and chocolates can never go out of style if you are supposed to gift your wife. From orchids to roses and Ferrero Rocher’s to Snickers, gift something that would make her feel good.

4. Apparel and Accessories

Women get all dressed up later on the day of Karvachauth. It’s as important as the day itself. Hence you can gift an exotic piece of jewellery or a rich Banaras saree so she can adorn herself in your choice of attire for the day. You can also consider gifting unique fragrances and cosmetics. There’s no lady who won’t be delighted with these gifts.

You can make these gifts extra special by using fancy packaging. Everything that’s wrapped in laces and pearls looks all the more appealing. Visit www.izhaar.co.in to get exquisite packaging done for chocolate boxes, apparel or accessories you’d like to surprise your wife with.

Karvachauth is an important day for every woman as it marks her love and dedication towards her spouse. The reason why she deserves to be loved and pampered. Gift her best, this Karvachauth.

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