Celebrate new beginnings with
IZHAAR in a unique way

Children are curious and imaginative forever. Their dreams run from being a superhero to a Rockstar. To keep up with their innocent wishes and strong desires, Izhaar has dedicated a complete selection of personalised gifting ideas for kids. You can choose from an array of Birthday gifts, Baby Announcements, Baby Showers and Return Favours for kids’ parties.

Gifts for Baby Shower

Give blessing to the new mother with
a token of love

As part of the tradition, a baby shower is held to bless the expecting mother and rejoice the arrival of a new family member. To cherish these moments forever, Izhaar offers premium, sustainable and personalized gifts for baby showers. Choose from our range of uniquely handcrafted and custom-made baby shower hampers.

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Baby Announcements

A special bespoke collection
for new parents

The joy of becoming new parents can’t be explained in words. An ethereal feeling not just for the soon-to-be mother, but for everyone waiting for the new-born. Focussing on the mood and emotions around it, Izhaar has curated unique gifts for Baby Announcements to celebrate new beginnings.

Baby Announcement
Collection For Baby Boy

Grace the special occasion for new parents with
IZHAAR’s personalized baby boy gifts

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Baby Announcement
Collection For Baby Girl

Izhaar’s bespoke gifting ideas for baby girls because she deserves pampering like a princess.

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Birthdays Gift &
Return Favours

Sustainable gifting options for children across age-groups

A special occasion in your little one’s life calls for a memorable gift too. Presenting an exclusive segment for kids’ birthdays & return gifts for birthdays and kids’ parties, Izhaar Junior - a selection of beautifully designed, personalized gifting options for baby boys and girls. Find the most adorable and unique gifts according to kids’ gender and age group.

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