To create a unique, contemporary and regal feel our boxed invitation ideas have found favour with the stylish and famous. Magnetic flaps , Laser cut messaging, embossing of Wedding dates and electroplating can allow the ostentatious touch if needed. These permit the safety of carrying delicate ingredients and the elan of boxed in surprises with an after use of many years and memories being kept fresh

Simple yet classy, this style of invitation never goes out of fashion! With our unique designs or intricate patterns, it’ll add a new touch to your wedding invitation!

There is variety of platters, traditional and European, available in this flair. This collection includes intricately carved platters, bowls and vases to add that extra opulence to an invite.

We also have the capability of doing follow up messaging to daintily created Einvites converted from the thematic physical cards that have been made for a occasion. With voice over and music embedded the Einvites add the personal touch closer to the dates for the occasion of the invite

Kick start a Birthday celebration by picking some exciting invitation ideas from Izhaar. Want a theme related one, or a spunky statement one or an age related idea, you will find the team sharing many out of the box thoughts for you to choose from.

Which Anniversary is it? Let us know and we will tailor make some thoughts for starting the celebrations through Anniversary Invitation that will give the guests a suitable idea of the celebrations in store