Carry The Legacy With Izhaar's Designer Trousseau Boxes & Packing.

Marriage is the most treasured moment in any woman’s life. While she takes the momentous step towards a new life, she carries with her precious belongings to her in-laws that have been gifted to her as a Wedding Trousseau Packing. The concept of Trousseau packing has been redefined by Izhaar by elevating the aesthetic appeal of each gift item. With exotic and modern embellishments, Izhaar works to accentuate a sense of style by personalizing wedding paraphernalia thus turning them into design masterpieces.

Luxury Wedding
Trousseau Packing

Celebrate the joy of a new chapter

An exquisite range of gift boxes for carrying wedding dresses to jewellery in chests and drawers to hold all wedding essentials.

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Designer Trousseau Trunks

Explore Personalized Return Favours for Weddings

Gift once, store forever! Beautifully designed and customized trunks for weddings that are multi-purpose.

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Wedding Ritual Accessories

Because every ritual holds importance

A vibrant collection of Wedding Ritual Accessories customized to suit the precious ensemble, Izhaar offers the elegantly designed range to carry the legacy of the special day.

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Ring Platters

Exchange the vows in a unique way

A specially made tray used to serve the Engagement Rings that newly-wed couples exchange during the Ring Ceremony.

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Samdhi Invites

An exclusive invite for the closest ones

Before sending any wedding invitations to relatives and friends, the first invite always goes to Samdhi. This invite is usually very exclusive and only single in number.

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Telban Thal

A Special Platter for pre-wedding ceremonies

Haldi ceremony is an integral part of marriages. Ingredients like turmeric, milk, rose water, saffron, oil etc. are put on a platter known as Telban Thal which the women use to anoint the bride as a part of the rituals.

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Small-sized Embellished Bags For Brides

Potli is the cloth-made bag which women carry in their hands with their ethnic wear. This beautifully made drawstring bag that must match their dress, carries their essentials etc.

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Phoolon Ki Chadar

Walk the aisle under floral fragrance

The Bride in Punjabi weddings walk under a veil made up of flowers held by her brothers. Izhaar has designer platters to offer to keep this Phoolon ki Chadar.

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Varmala Tray

Personalized Garland Trays For the Wedding

The most important platter meant to keep the garlands known as the Varmala that the Bride and Groom exchange as a part of their marriage rituals is the Varmala Tray.

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Fabricated Sweet Boxes

Custom-made Sweet Boxes for guests

Beautifully decorated boxes covered with ethnic fabric and designed according to traditional motifs specially made for packing handmade sweets for the wedding ceremonies.

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