Founder Story

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Started by a creative entrepreneur and resident art director Ruchita Bansal, Izhaar leads the way for bespoke designs and meticulous craftsmanship. Currently dedicated to re-imagining personalized gifts and invites, Ruchita’s design expressions take cues from each individual client and find expression with her relentless obsession of patterns, pantones and above all originality. While most of her clients are awed by the spellbinding stories behind each creation, she finds greater satisfaction in the material and luxurious detailing that goes into creating each of these pieces. Ruchita believes in the power of socially responsible designs and is drawn to follow sustainable practices with each of her creations. She puts continuous efforts in finding newer and eco-friendly material to give each design a unique, luxurious and indulgent expression. As much detail goes into the sourcing of accompaniments such as sweets, chocolates, dry fruits, exotic fruits, as it does into making sure that the material used to put these accompaniments is reusable either as a decorative item or as a ‘one of a kind’ storage.