Go All Out with these Exquisite Inauguration Ceremony Invitation Cards by Izzhaar

Today is all about elegance in aesthetics. There’s always an inspiration behind every design that we create at Izzhaar. The fancy invites that we are going to discuss today are crafted with precision to help you make a statement.

But what’s the best way to enjoy these creations? Share them with your loved ones. Invite them in your own special way and make them feel loved and valued. For being a part of some of the most important achievements of your life, bring your relatives, family, and friends closer to you and your endeavours. After all, they had always wished the best for you and sending out thoughtful and well-designed inauguration ceremony invitations would only demonstrate your appreciation for those who have always kept their faith in you and your dreams.

We say #izzhaarkaro to your near and dear ones with our unique selection of inauguration ceremony invitation cards.

Briefcase, not that brief!

What would the invitation to a new business inauguration look like? We present this creation with intuitive design, floral fusion and gold calligraphy. Offering the opportunity to treasure this beautifully handcrafted briefcase ensures the event will remain at the forefront of the receiver’s mind in the future.

Beauty in the Box

If you are going for a minimalistic vibe, you might want to consider this one. This trendsetting box invite is inspired by the modern architecture, accented with white and gold detailing. You can customize it with a handwritten letter and treats of your choice.

Glamour and Grace

What sweeter way to romanticize the love that you share than an adorable set of lovebirds? Create the anticipation of a luxurious event with this opulent inauguration ceremony invitation, accentuated with intricate detailing and delicate love birds in silver finish. This stunning invitation tends to be a keepsake long after the ceremony is over.

There’s no denying that the thrill of sending and receiving invitations is plainly fabulous. With beautifully written messages and the treats of your choice, you can personalize the invites so the receiver immediately gets the intimacy. The final result is always a timeless creation that is cherished for days, sometimes for years and even a lifetime.

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