Express Love with Timeless Wedding Invitations by Izzhaar

Like all the other trends, wedding invites have also bloomed with time. Opening up a basic invite and scouring through sheets of different events is so 1980s. The generation today thrives on bespoke invitations or luxury wedding invitations. Everyone aspires intricacies and unique set of details in their weddings so as to be remembered for it, even years later. Fortunately, we have bespoke invitations and luxury wedding invitations to serve that need. Following are some wedding invite ideas from Izzhaar’s collection that can really help to cast a spell and make your wedding exuberant.

1. Basket Tree of Life

True art of invites lies in conveying emotions and what serves that better than the Tree of Life itself. This invite is dedicated to make this expression of love more auspicious and to immortalize the symbol of life. This invite will surely turn out to be a blissful affair. Moreover, apart from making it easy to carry, the basket also adds utility to the invite after the wedding.

2. The Rajwada Invite

There’s nothing regaler and more royal than this Rajwada wedding invite. When one opens the invite, the chandelier lights up unveiling the scroll, making it look even more enchanting. The farrago of vermillion and cherry brown coupled with the beautiful golden elephants give the invite an unconventional yet traditional look.

3. Moroccan Themed Wedding Invite

To enhance the richness to the level infinity, there are multiple scrolls invites in this entrancing invite. With the exclusive selection of healthy savouries, it ebulliently treats the guests with expression of joy. The boxes are packed with a “sustainability” quotient and can be used after the wedding.

4. The Mughal Dome

This wedding invite is inspired from the Mughal Art. The dome shape brings in the royalty and richness that this montage exhibits. It celebrates the dome shaped architecture that was there in the Mughal era. This intends to portray and weave together the design and culture from ancient times. The taffy pink with gold embossing gives the invite an elegant and feminine touch and the colourful mosaic brings in the vibes of joy and festivity.

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