Indian Weddings across Cultures, Curated by Izhaar

Posted on 30th July 2021

Indian weddingsare an epitome of diverse cultures which encompasses various traditions that have been followed for the longest time. It not only instils the sense of being attached to one’s roots but also adds a uniqueness of its own. Every family has their own tradition for blessing the couple and celebrating this beautiful sacrament lavishly. […]

Curating a journey

Posted on 29th July 2021

The fashionistas are at it. The socialites are doing it. The cognoscenti has been doing it for many years and they are still looking for the unusual. It’s become a trend now and we see many a stylish response to curate a gifting journey from the Roka ceremony to Vidai. It’s an idea whose time […]

Celebs at Izhaar

Posted on 28th July 2021

It is a known order. Celebrities make celebrations even more memorable. As our existence is for celebrations, we also welcome the casual associations that spring up with the rich and famous. Or should we just limit our talk to the famous. So, we celebrated in our own humble way when the Izhaar designed and fabricated […]

Make your Destination Wedding Truly Special with IZHAAR

Posted on 28th July 2021

Imagine having to take the vows of forever with your favourite person alongside the golden sands of tranquil beaches or grand palaces and heritage forts which would have been the residence to many a royal family back in time! Sounds like a fairy tale, right? Indeed, destination weddings are your ‘fairy tales turned into reality’. […]

Express Love with Timeless Wedding Invitations by Izhaar

Posted on 14th May 2021

Like all the other trends, wedding invites have also bloomed with time. Opening up a basic invite and scouring through sheets of different events is so 1980s. The generation today thrives on bespoke invitations or luxury wedding invitations. Everyone aspires intricacies and unique set of details in their weddings so as to be remembered for […]

Best Baby Shower Invite Ideas for 2019

Posted on 14th May 2021

There’s nothing more blissful than the laughter of the winsome baby. The arrival of this blessing thus needs to be celebrated with exhilaration and frolic. The key to showcasing this emotion is expression, expression of joy with design and a thought. Here’s how you can achieve that with the help of bespoke gifts and bespoke […]

Why Personalized Stationery Makes an Opulent Gift?

Posted on 14th May 2021

There’s no mood that can’t be uplifted with gifts and greetings. However, often there’s a creative block when it comes to sending gifts across. All of us face this dilemma at times. This is where personalized stationery comes handy. Personalized stationery is basically any decorative notes, papers or cards with your individual taste carved in it. In […]

25th Anniversary Party Invitations that Create Perfect Glimpse into your Special Day

Posted on 14th May 2021

What makes an impressive 25th-anniversary celebration for a couple who have been together through thick and thin for a quarter century and still going strong? How can you make this day special enough to inundate the hearts of those who have been a part and parcel of your beautiful journey? A celebration, whether big or […]

Personalised and Unique Corporate Invitation Ideas for your Next Event

Posted on 14th May 2021

There’s a lot of planning involved when organizing an event (fundraiser or a corporate luncheon), but one thing that’s prevalent in all types of events is the invitation that needs to be sent out. The type of invitation that you choose sets the tone of the event long before it opens the doors for the […]

Amaze your Guests with Izhaar’s Stellar Wedding E-Invites

Posted on 14th May 2021

Among many other things you plan for your big day, wedding invitations take the first seat as soon as you are done finalizing your guest list. Perhaps sending out printed invitations to your near and dear ones can be quite taxing amidst all the wedding planning. Therefore, a lot of people these days are opting […]