5 Unique Wedding Gifts the Newly-Weds Will Love!

Matches are made in heaven and tied in knots here- some are grand, some are not, but one thing that’s constant in weddings of all scales is the gifts that bride and groom receive from their near and dear ones. These gifts can’t be dull or uninspiring. Wedding gifts have to be something unique, innovative and must expel a wow factor for the receivers. Most of all, they should bring a smile to the faces.

Izhaar understands how perplexing it can be to find the best marriage gifts, and thus, we have curated a fine selection of the most loved wedding gifts that you can buy from our website. These gifts are not just unique but crafted keeping in mind the impulse of the new generation.

Rajwada Trunks

Fancy trunk is a splurge, and something not many people think they want until they run out of storage. Very much in Vogue, this timeless Rajwada Trunk is an interesting storage concept where the newlywed couple can store wedding-related items like wedding stationery and all of their wedding cards to read over in years to come. These trunks are sure to add a traditional touch to their secret closet. If you would like to spunk, it up, you could opt for personalized trunks with the couple’s initials.

Ornate Gold Candle Stand

Decorated ornate candle stands are quite popular these days. They make for a perfect wedding gift when you want to head down the artistic route. Candles are a timeless classic. The aroma of rich candles that accompany this set is sure to delight the wedding couple, something that they can use on their wedding night or honeymoon to spread light, scent and warmth in their new life.

Sculpted in Stone Fruit Tray

Whether you’re the one who enjoys taking risks or your significant other, choosing unique wedding gifts is a sure-fire way to make it stand out from the rest of their pile of presents. This striking sculpture is made from natural material which means that such gifts are always unique and different in pattern and colour – thus, no two pieces will ever be the same. This sculpted fruit tray could be that one piece in the home that has a spirit of adventure and royalty.

Chest of Drawers

For a gift like this, you really need to know the couple’s taste inside-out. Perhaps knowing what will complement their home’s aesthetics can also help you decide whether this quirky chest of drawers is a good choice or not. With sleek finish in Technicolor and statement design, this one will liven up the couple’s bedroom in a jiffy!

Radha Krishna Idol

A Radha-Krishna idol is a perfect traditional gift in Hindu weddings. There’s no other entity that glorifies the beauty of love as the story of Radha and Krishna. These idols are divine making it a fitting gift for newlywed couples.

When it comes to gifting the bride and groom, you may want to make sure that the wedding gift is received in good spirits. Although gifts don’t surmount to all of the love and care that you have for the newly married couple, they’re a warm gesture that the couple will appreciate for the rest of their lives. Browse our unique wedding gifts collection to start your gifting process.

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