5 Hot Luxury Wedding Invitation Cards Trends for 2019

One of the most perplexing tasks of the wedding conundrum is finding the perfect theme for invitation cards. Who doesn’t want their guests to remember the wedding forever? Luxury wedding invitations cards provide a perfect glimpse into the ceremonies, preparing your near and dear ones for the glorious occasion for expression (#izhaarkaro).

Exquisite and unique wedding invitation themes can make any wedding memorable. They not only profoundly reflect the elegance of the sacred nuptial day, but also ensure that your guests treasure the invite for years to come.

If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at the following 5 popular invitation trends that we believe will make your big day stand out in 2019!

Classic Theme

Synonymous to “Romance”, classic and antique wedding invitation cards have become quite popular in recent years and the trend is here to stay. Couples want to experiment with different eras that evoke nostalgia and grandiose. From intricate background to modern moody, you can find an array of ideas to make your guests feel like they have stepped back in time.

Destination Theme

When it comes to a destination wedding, your luxury wedding invitation cards should be all about the destination. For example, beach theme and rustic theme are gaining immense popularity. For this wedding theme, you can take inspiration from the location, nature, famous monuments or simply set a general tone for the event. Themes with icons and illustrations can take your guests on a ride of fun-filled ideas for the magical destination that they’ll be headed to for your big day.

Whimsical Theme

Whimsical wedding themes have become prevalent in the past few years. Described as extravagant, flamboyant and playful, this is a perfect theme for couples who want their vivacious personality to shine through! The combination of different colours, materials, and art is endless. You can choose to go as subtle as pink coral buds or play around with hues and intensities to inject some fun into your luxury wedding invitation cards.

Mediterranean Theme

What’s more beautiful than gold accents, rich prints, and the incredible setting of raw textures? The most magical thing about choosing a Mediterranean wedding invitation theme is that you can pull out elements from the diverse culture to bring the best features of all the Mediterranean countries to your wedding celebration, that could take place anywhere in the world. The result is always magnificent!

Garden Theme

If your wedding theme revolves around flowers and grassy expanse, your invitation cards must incorporate the floral decor with sweet details. An unforgettable luxury wedding invitation is not an expensive one. It is one where attention has been given to the little things like colour palette, font style, and the flavour of the place where the wedding is planned to take place. And, if you really want to be pioneering, you can think of soft acrylics or bold watercolours to make your wedding invitation a true piece of discussion.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the volume of designs available for wedding cards in Delhi. Instead, look for a wedding invitation that will match the style and theme of your big day!

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